Anne Davis

Hi Luz,
You are showing a good understanding of idioms. What a good story you have written. Remember, capital letters at the beginning of each sentence. Be sure to check that. We'll work on this good story some more at our next session.


HEY! MRS.Davis thanks for writin to me . I promos I will put capital letters at the end of my setenses! and I will make my storys much better then before.


Hola Luz. It is I, SuperThinker, your bilingual blogging superhero friend. Well, a good grade sure does get you sitting pretty! Great job, Luz. Did you know there are idioms in spanish, too? "No hay moros en la costa" means "The coast is clear." Keep learning english--it's great to be bilingual!


Hola Luz! It is I, SuperThinker, just dropping by for a little blog visit! I really like your post about Bethany. You are right--she is an international hero because she is so inspiring! How many people would return to doing what they did when something terrible happened to them? Not many. But she decided not to let what happened to her keep her away from what she loves. Now, that takes courage! By the way Luz, I like that you used a quote from Bethany in your post. Using a quote gives the reader more insight into the person being written about and the quote you chose reveals just how positive Bethany is. She doesn't just say she can't play guitar anymore, she reveals that she looks for ways to continue doing what she likes--maybe with a new prosthetic arm. Bethany is a SuperSurfingHero in my book!!! And you Luz--you're a supercool blogger! Keep it up amiguita!


HOLA! SuperThinker thenks for reading my story. well I will like to know what is your favorite instrument?Adios!


GREAT STORY!!!!!!! I can't find any flaw! You, some day, might become a famous journalist. If you do, I wont be suprised. Keep on writing this good!!!!!


I'm sorry, I forgot to sign you out when I posted. The post above was from Emily. Sorry!!!!!!!!

Anne Davis

Luz, you are getting much better in writing than before. Although you might need some help in spelling. Overall your writing is great.


I just want to start off with that ur post is true. I saw a book at the book fair today and so I bought it. Its a life story about Bethany Hamiliton and how here life was before the attack, details of the attack, and after the attack. Its an inspiring story. I think you should check it out sometime (if u havent already). So good luck on everything u set your mind to and keep your head raised high!! " I can do all things through christ who strengthens me" phillipines 4:13 ( written on Bethany's favorite surf board!)

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