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Mrs. Davis

Mysteries intrigue me. Are you good at solving puzzles? You provided lots of details - good work!


I have found more information about flight 19. The controlltower talked to the pilots . The planes got off course they were heading towards Florida. Then they turned around. They controlltower told to turn back, the leader wouldn't listen,and they ran out of fuel. Some ships have sank because of mythn gas near South Carolina. If the bubbles got big they could rip a 500 foot ship in half. The gas could serve the U.S. for 70 years.Yes I'm a good problem slover.


i think that in the bermuda triangle there might be the lost city of atlantis.there might be people with gills on their neck.or just normal humans .the city of antlatis must have sank or disapeared .something must have made it sink or disapear


what made those planes disapear is still a mistory.something might have seriosly happened to those plains. what if bermuda triangle was the gate way to antlantis.bermuda triangle is very strange .it is onso near or next to virgin island,miami and bermuda. antlatis could be discovered if someone entered the bermuda triangle .what if it could really happen. what if antlantis rose again. and theyspoke engllish and we would get to know more about their species.the story of bermuda triangle is intresting.the beruda triangle could really be the gate way to antlatis.this is what i think about the bermuda triangle

keith goodwork

why not sending similar to challenger ocean deep survey sub to get more data or finding the remains of the lost planes and ships within that bermuda triangle area.


you suck


what a load of bs o_O


This really sucks!!



rsgsdtgreytreter hi ur wrong

my boat sank in the bermuda thing and im ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


how many boats went missing


Dear Sir
i do not see any record after 2004
about lost ship or airplanes
could you update about this?


i think alians kidnap people there.dont you

mana spirit


i belief that the bermuda traigle is the place where all earths elemental energy comes together
the center resides deep below the earth in the center of the triangle and the energy that streams down must streams all the way far into the sky from the sky down again spreating through and around the earth again. i'm a mana believer i'm a heretic i belief in the great mana goddess who created all that is in my religion there is said that the bermuda triangle is the center of our earth and that it contains the gate to the holyland the picture in the url it looks like that place was once land in my religion it also says that the island was atlantis also called (island of Obilivion)in th ancient days is said that the people had special powers that where triggered by a force called mana energy or (life energy) that was radiated by the mana goddess it seems that energy is present in the whole univers but the people that lived on atlantis where very greedy a rich tribe jealousy began to rule them and they started useing there powers against eachother by summoning all that power it escaleted great tide waves began to hit the island until the elders tried to stop them by summoning more waves it reached to tsumani's probaly three at the same time in the form of a triangle
and that was the final hit some how the earth beneath the island must have moved in order for it to sink the gate to the holy land is sealed so if one would go there and vannish it would probaly mean that you've died
because of all that energy your
molecules will dissolve your very being will be wiped out lets say that you've never existed there are more mystical places on this very earth


how is it really possible the thing with the aliens and the famous devil's hideout i don't think those are really true


i think that atlantis is under the bermuda triangle. i agree with that linda there that we should get a big submerine. I really want to know more. i want to see if it was really true. I HOPE!!!

jordan parham



the bermuda triangle is not a mystery it is just thin air that the planes couldnt fly so they went down and the water was so thin that the ships sank instantly


the true explaination of the bermuda triangle can be disturbing to some, because not all of us understand and open mind to knowledge. but for those who seek shall be seen, those who have brain shall think.
the bermuda is the gates of the jinn world. it also mean the gate to the spiritual world of the jinn. the unseen world. God have created human and the jinn. the jinn can be cal as the spirit or the ghost by some peoples, but the true name of them is the jinn. that is why, there is no firm explaination to the bermuda triangle untill today because people only believe in sains. what if something is sains cannot explain? do you believe it or just ignore it ?
no doubt we have already become civilise and advance in technology, still there are certain knowledge which is not given to us, mankind. becasue there is knowledge in this world are require us to think more than just saintific proof, there is another world in this world that can't be seen by our eyes, and to understand this spiritual knowledge require you to have the basic wisdom. if you dont, you will never get it!
some people may think it is fool to think this way, but since there is no firm explaination on the bermuda I guess it worth considering the explaination of the unseen world. as long as it make sense!

Caleb M

Marcos, you are a bad speller but if you need more info on the Bermuda Triangle then just go to National Geographic.

Salote  Baleiwai

Are there any latest info about the Bermuda Triangle recently..


Things keep getting lost and disapear in my house - i live in the uk - no where near the bloody triangle?


I think you all should learn how to spell before posting a message.


ummmmmmmm everybody knows that in the bermuda triangle there is jinn(ghosts,demons)

all that matters is not of you dont beiliev it....but if you beilive in god.(allah)

josh phillips

my theary is that somewhere in the triangle is a peace of land called the garden of edan that was created by god. acording to the bible the land is garded by two angles(gods soldgers) with flaming swords and the overwelming temtation caused their sarrowfull death

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