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saurabh srivastava

I think that bermuda has a perticular height that he can attract things towards it


woah this qhole triangle thing creeps me out. lol.




Wow, alot of info to take my dad died in a plane crash near or in the bermuda triangle 4 years ago, ever since i have been obsessed with it, trying to figure out what actually happend to him my mum told me to stop because im only 12 and i have to live my life but i cant because so many people have lost there families and friends and i think some one should go in a sumbarine and check around, record the whole thing. Please email me if you get any new information, im in New Zealand I dont have enough time to fly over, exams :P ur doing a really great job with your research, all the haters your just jealous



The Dajjal, also known as the Anti-Christ, lives in the Atlantic Ocean in what is known to man as the 'Bermuda Triangle'. However, it's a mystery why the word 'Dajjal' was never mentioned in the Qur'aan. The Dajjal is chained with buckles and belts, deep down in the ocean. It will be set free at an appointed time. This time is drawing near. When the world is corrupt to it's fullest (though, it currently is) and humankind sin to the max, carelessly neglectful and when human beings begin to forget their Deen and when people no longer recite Allah (SWTs) name with ther tongues, and when Qui'aamah is extremely near, this is the time the Dajjal will be set free to roam the Earth and rule the world. It will have followers and brutally kill those who reject him. The Dajjal will attempt to force the Believers to denounce their Faith. This will be a test upon us to distinguish between Believers and the non-Believers and to see which individuals among us are the strong Believers of Islam. Currently, because of the evil powers the Dajjal possesses and the evil which surrounds him, it draws all living beings (planes with people, ships with people, birds in the sky, fishes in the sea) into the waters. Read books by Harun Yayha. Remember - Allah knows best.


I think that the land in Bermuda Triangle is magnetic and so it must be pulling the plane down...down...down... where nobody can see it...
Maybe aliens do exist because millions of people claim to have seen a UFO...

some one speacials

i wonder if my family diedthere plzzzzzzz tell me pllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Wow! I didn't know that.


you are all losers


And kamil you especially you allah is so not true!!! he's an idiot


sorry kamil I didn't mean to hurt your feelings your culture might be true sorry I really am


oh ya and you are right

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Many people have reported seeing portals opening in cloudy skies - strange swirling lights sometimes accompanied by sounds - temporal distortions - electromagnetic distortions called 'electronic fog' that can cause a time storm, and the disappearance of planes and ships. There is something about this fog that is important and gives one the sense of all things paranormal.

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Your other self is always sorry for you. But your other self grows on sorrow; so all is well!

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The planes called, but lost contact. They were going west when their composces went out of control. When the planes crashed they were two miles away from the coast off South Carolina. Some people think it is caused by gaint worpals. Others think they're accidents.

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But the miracle of life persists, the mysterious germ of growth and renewal that is the seed itself.


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This is cool!


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