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Yikes! That sounds a little creepy to me, but I'm sure glad that some people enjoy that job because it is extremely important! I think I'll stick to being a third grade teacher!

Mrs. Davis

I would be in awe of the fact that I had something from 18.000 or so years ago. Wow! I find that amazing. You are picking topics that are appealing to readers. Good job! If you were an archaeologist, what would you hope to discover or learn about?


This is important bacause people need to know about the Earth's past.Also to see how people in the past lived and worked.I would wish to discover the bones of a lost King in the Valley of the Kings in Eygpt. I would try to get a copy of his or her DNA and try to find a person related to him. Thankyou for commenting on my topic.

Beverly White

Hi Marcos,
I have enjoyed sharing your weblog. I like your style of writing as well as your chosen topics. Your enthusiasm about each topic tells me that you are well on your way to becoming a writer of historical events. It is obvious that your interests are varied and that you will continue to develop your style of writing that will excite any audience.


This peice is brilliant. Very interesting. I liked it alot.

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