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Ms. Rikard

Wow!!! This is great advice, Marcos! I have a student teacher in my third grade classroom now who is learning to be a teacher. I'm going to give her your weblog address so she can learn something too! Keep up the good work!

Ms. Quarles

Thanks so much for the wonderful advice! My name is Ms. Quarles and I am a student at Georgia State University and I would like to teach grades 4th - 8th. I would love to have students like you in the classroom, because you write so well. I am going to take everything you wrote and remember it, so I will know when I began teaching. Thanks again Marcos! Have a good school year ;)

Ms. Quarles


Hey Marcos!

Thanks for the advice. It was very helpful and informative. I will definately remember your advice when I start teaching.

It was good to hear what you think!

Ms. Victoria


Hello Marcos,

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you for such powerful writing skills, as well as to thank you for your great advice. I believe listening to my future students' opinions and concerns is a great way for me to start my teaching career. I will be teaching in 2006, and I am certainly looking forward to having students like yourself.

You are so right when you mentioned that teachers should set limits and a reward system. It is very important to let our students know when they are doing well and as expected, and also when they need some improvement. I promise to make my teaching as fun and enjoyable as possible, because when I was in elementary school, my teachers made it fun for me, and I will forever be grateful for it. Keep up the good work Marcos.


Ms. Gonzalez

Ms. Hamilton

Hello Marcos! This is very good advice given to people who want to be teachers. Thank you so much! Keep the suggestions coming!

Ms. Hamilton


Hello Marco, I am a student at GSU. I will be doing my student teaching this fall and I like all the advice that you have given for upcoming teachers. I like how you used bullet points because it makes reading your post much easier. I agree with you that a teacher should befriend the students, but still hold them responsible for their actions. Keep up the good work.


Dear Ms.Rikard,
Thankyou for commenting on my weblog.I relly liked how you teached me in 3rd grade. I also loved being in your class!


Dear Ms.Rikard,
Thankyou for commenting on my weblog.I really liked how you teached me in 3rd grade. I also loved being in your class!


Dear Nicole,
Thank you for commenting on my blog. I also think you will make an excellent teacher.


DearMs. Hamilton,
Thanks for commenting on my blog. I think you will make a great teacher. I might want to be a teacher to.

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