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Pat Street

Oh boy, Marcos! I really hope you grow up to be a sportswriter, or maybe a sports announcer on TV! You really got me involved in the fast action of the soccer game you are describing. I love everything about your post, from the exciting beginning, to the funny team names you chose! I liked the way you established who was on each team and which team was winning, right up front. I enjoyed your use of dialogue, too.

The only thing I can think of to improve your piece is to use another word for "screamed" instead of using "screamed" three times. (You could use "yelled" for one of them, maybe.)

I'm looking forward to reading more of your writing, Marcos! You're a winner just like the Rockdale Rottweilers! :-)

Pat Street

PS: I like the name of your blog page, too. Have you been to SeaWorld? I live about three miles from SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida. It's my favorite theme park!



I like soccer, too. I play on the Mamaroneck Tigers. Me and Jonathan G. are the forwards on the team. Jonathan is the best center.



Goerge I play soccer to but not on a team. I play with my friends. I love soccer too.

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