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Nancy McKeand

Marcos, I think you made some very good points in this post. I am glad to see that you can explain how blogging has helped you. When students can do that as well as you have, teachers and administrators have to listen! I hope you will keep blogging for a long time!


B. Eissler

Marcos, you made some excellent points in your blog. In life you will come across all kinds of people and you have to decide if you are going to go down to their level and let them get to you or if you will ignore them and continue on the path that you believe is right. You are right, we see the negative in them and we should learn not to be like them. Continue blogging you are great!


I agree with you and you made some good points there.


Hey Jared thankyou for commenting on my blog.


I like what you said about weblogs making you a better writer and thinker. The best way to become better at writing is to do it often, and writing is a good exercise for the mind--it helps you to decide how you feel about certain things. I really liked what you said about negative comments. I think that your feelings about them are very mature. If you write your thoughts and make them public, there is always the chance that someone will disagree and respond negatively, but truly thoughtful people will try really hard to see your point of view, and you may even influence them to see things your way. And also, truly thoughtful people, if they don't agree with you, will express their disagreement in a respectful way, because they respect your right to your opinions. Those who respond negatively often don't have the ability to see things in any way but their own. This is sad because this makes them very limited in their view of the world.


Nice post.I agree that weblogs are part of our education. I do not want them to be canceled. I also liked your other posts.


Marco, I was really impressed by your mature comment about inappropriate remarks. It's also great that you have explained how much you enjoy blogging, and how it has helped you in your learning. I am hoping my own class in the UK will be able to start blogging next year. Keep up the good work!

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