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Mrs. Davis

1. We need to protect their habitats permanently in national parks, nature reserves or wilderness areas.
2. Stop pollutting.
3. Stop overfishing.
4. Protect our natural environment.
5. Stop killing animals for sport or fun.
6. Using your voice to speak out by writing articles such as yours about this problem.

I sure liked your article. It is very informative. Are you worried about particular animals that are becoming endangered?

Maria Medley

I am glad that you have the same ideas that I have about animals extinction.Thanks for understanding the importance about animals.

Sherry Nix


I read your weblog today and you are so right! Your writing has grown and developed a lot since you first began your weblog.

I loved your article on endangered animals. I too am very interested in the endangered animals, especially in Hawaii. This is the endangered species capital in the world. You are right on target to say that people are the main cause for species around the world becoming extinct. But I have seen numerous ways in which humans are also helping the save endangered species around the world. I was on the island of Molokai in Hawaii and watched a gentleman climb up a 1,000 ft. cliff to pollinate a flower called Brighamia with a Q-tip. The moth that used to pollinate this flower had been killed off by pesticides.

Keep checking on ways that humans are helping different species survive around the world.

I wish you the best.

Sherry Nix
DeKalb County School System


I predict that soon all animals will be endangered. Maybe we could do something together to stop animals from becoming endangered.I wish that people would stop killing beautiful animals for carelessness reasons. Thanks for having an opinion as the same way I have.
Your Friend,


Great post, and a very worthwhile topic of discussion. As you'll see from my own blog, Another Chance To See, I too am interested in endangered animals, focusing primarily on the creatures visited by the late Douglas Adams for his very excellent book "Last Chance To See". Since I started my blog about six months ago I've learned so much more about these creatures and it really is fostering a new respect for the world around us. Keep up the good work!

Warmest regards
Editor: http://anotherchancetosee.blogspot.com


I predict that soon all living animals would die out and people would be ashamed for what the have done. I like you comment because you are interested in the same thing I am. Thanks for the great comment.


I love that you are doing a story on endangered animals. I have always loved animals and I hate that they are dissapearing.


this web-site is great i am 12 years old and i think endangered animals is a big problem. this web-site helped me alot with my school project and i learnt alot about endangered animals. i am so sad that they are all dying out, my favourite animal is the elephant it is a great creature but it will soon be extinct because of poachers. thanks so much

Katherine Swets

this helps alot thanx


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I came across this article doing some research. I (and a frined) am going to be responsible for teaching a class to our peers for leadeship day at my high school. It will be an extension of "each one teach one" and the NETAID group were involved in. The topic we chose was endangered species.

I find that a good way to involve others & persuade them into caring is by giving them & explaining some of the different consequences that can occur when certain species go extinct. If you give people a reason to take this seriously it will be more effective.

"each one, teach one."
If each of us, teach someone this, that indvidual will have another piece of information that s/he can teach an teach to someone else & it will continue that way.


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you should put how we can stop with endangeredness

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You are right on target to say that people are the main cause for species around the world becoming extinct. But I have seen numerous ways in which humans are also helping the save endangered species around the world.


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