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Mrs. Meeler

You are absolutely right when you say that we will never forget 9/11. I was still in college at UGA at the time and was sitting in class. Before class started we were discussing Michael Jordan coming out of retirement and the wierd incident involving a plane hitting one of the World Trade towers. We had no idea a second one had hit, and we definately didn't know it was a terrorist attack. I'll never forget the fear I saw and felt that day as we all sat in empty classrooms watching the reports of the towers collapsing and the people dying before our eyes.
I do feel that we are now protecting ourselves from other terrorist attacks through the 9/11 Bill and Commission Reports.


Hey maria the story was great.you are a good writer.I got a qustion why did you write a sad story? thats my qustion.hoya I forgot the picture you drew was great.I got to go by.


I loved your story. I am glad that you wrote it so we can remember what happened and what can happen. I hope that your story gets other people to realize there are still a lot of dangers. I am glad that after that, the country put more security in airports and other places.


Oh,... My,... GoodNess,....
You included so much information that I thought that I was really seeing it all for myself!!! I thought that this topic was a fabolus (I think thats how you spell it) choice!!!!


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