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Ms. Roper

Wow Maria, I love playing basketball too! It has always been one of my favorite sports. I was the shooting guard on my middle and high school teams. My coaches always told me that I was too short to play any other position.

It is great that you mentioned keeping your grades up. That is very important. If you do not have good grades you will not be allowed to play on your school’s team and that would make getting a scholarship difficult. Colleges want their athletes to be well rounded. That is probably the reason they call them “student-athletes”.

My favorite sport now that I’m getting OLDER is golf. I didn’t like it when I was your age because I thought it was boring! But now, I enjoy the challenge. It is more difficult than you might think to get that tiny ball in a hole that is 400 yards away! You can exercise by walking the golf course instead of riding in the cart. I also enjoy golf so much because I can enjoy nature. I really love being outdoors.

Good luck with your basketball career. You will be wonderful. I can’t wait to see you playing in the pros one day!

Pat Street

Hello Maria! I love your post about basketball. I wish I had a brother who taught me about sports and played them with me. I've only played individual sports. Ice skating (figure skating) was my favorite. But I missed the whole experience of playing on a team.

Reading your post I could feel your excitement and enjoyment of basketball. I liked how you worked in the idea of exercise. But mainly it sounds like you find it FUN to play basketball! It's something you can keep doing for years and years. I hope you keep playing and keep having fun! And I hope you keep writing about your favorite things. You really got me interested!
Pat Street


Thanks for the great comment. Your so totally right I think golf is probably be boring, but I should try it before I judge the sport. I do wish I get in the pros with my basketball career. I also have another sport that I like and it is soccer, Marcelino and I played soccer when we were little and we were on the same team I was on a team with a bunch of boys, I really didn't care what people thought. Our team was called "GALAXY" and we won the game against some team I can't remember which I know that their colors were yellow and black. I think that you should keep up with your golf career. Thank you a lot for the encouraging comment.


Hay,Pat Street,
I really like your comment because it shows me that not many people get help with their sport with an older sibling. It made me think of how I should really be thankful for what I have gotten help with. Thank you alot I really do think that basketball is something to do for fun or for serious. Thanks


I love basketball to because I have fun with it. I always go to my cousins house every weekend just to play basketball. My brother Casey was the one who taught me how to play basketball. We practice it every day so we can win. I hope one day I become a famous basketball star and we will have the best players. Maybe we will be on the same team.


I also have a brother who taught me. We used to play basketball, but we can't because because we put it in front of our nieghbor's yard and in the morning a work truck came and took it away by the rails on the it had got stuck on the hoop. I think you should be glad you still get to play.


I love basketball to!you did a really good job on your post! I play baketball on a team that represents saskatchewan.We have 12 people on our team.We just had a tournament in regina last saturday and we had three games we WON them all,i sorta felt sorry for one team becuase we beat them 100-to not a whole lotof points.i got 38 points in all the games.i also like green day have you herd of them they are really cool.i also like cars,when i grow up them i would like to buy a mustang and a chopper from o.c.c. (ORANGE COUNTY CHOPPERS)they build really cool bikes.

fom dylanjt

ps:i think you e-mailed me.

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