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Ms. Simon

Hello Maria,

You've listed some great tips here on your blog! I agree with tip five mostly: with experience the writing process becomes easier. Even now at age 24, I re-write and re-write and re-write more. Another tip is if you find yourself stuck, take a break...go for a short walk. When you sit down again to write, your thoughts will flow smoothly.
Happy Learning!!


In a way I would really like to be a writer when I get older. I know there is a lot of hard work in writing. I already write on my computer at home. Thanks for the great comment.


It's really good that you're realizing the value of rewriting and revising at this stage. I can tell you that even professional writers have to go back time and time again to rewrite their work and work with others who constantly analyze it and make suggestions to make it better. I was a journalist for ten years, and I really think you are on the right track as a young writer. Also, take some time to really look at what is considered really good writing and try to pick up as many tips from those styles as possible to add to your own writing.

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