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Pat Street

Hi Maria!
I was impressed that you chose the Baby 81 story to write about. It was a very compelling story that illustrated the great pain of families who had lost children in the tsunami.It gives a capsule view of the whole tsunami disaster, in the case of one little baby. There were (I think) 9 different families that hoped Baby 81 was their own baby. I'm glad they did the DNA test so that all those parents would know whose baby it really was. I feel sorry for all the parents who didn't get Baby 81, but I'm glad he's reunited with his real parents now. It's just my opinion, but I don't think any of those families really wanted publicity. I think they just wanted their own lost baby back! Good job on your post! What will you write about next? I'll be watching for it!
Pat Street

Jonathan V.

How did they find the baby after the tsunami? How old was the baby? He or she must have been sacred.

Dawn Tincher

Thank you so much for your story about Baby 81 separated from his parents due to the Tsunami. I am glad that we have the DNA testing to find the real parents.

I am a teacher at Rockdale County High School and I am learning about weblogs so I can train teachers and students here about them. You guys are way ahead of us! I am definitely going to show your blog to my teachers.

Mrs. Tincher


Pat Street,
I too am glad that the parent got their baby back. I bet the repoters who said that they just want publicity really feel silly.


Jonhathan V.
Actually, they found the baby floating on a tire in the water. The baby was about 1 or 2 months old. I really bert he or she wasa really scared.


I am glad we have DNA testing because if we didn't have them I would really be sad for the baby and its parents. If you want to show other teachers J.H.House would be a good example for you to use. Thanks a lot for the great comment.

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