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Ms. Susan

Dear Maria,
I am very interested in your topic. I teache grade 5 students and I am getting ready to start blogging with them. One question my colleagues and I need to answer is whether or not to set up the blogs in such a way that anyone can leave comments, even though some people may post inappropriate comments. I can see from what you wrote that rather than keep people from commenting, we need to educate our students how to handle inappropriate comments. There is too much to be gained through blogging to let limit it in that way. Thank you for sharing your opinions.

Paula Willis

I don't know why anyone would care to use inappropriate language when writing on a web log. There are so many GOOD things to write about! I enjoy your writing, Maria! Keep up the good work! Paula Willis, a friend of Mrs. Davis.

Nancy McKeand

I think what you said was important. I hope people are listening.

It is good to have a way to express your thoughts and feelings. And it is good to share ideas with other people. Blogs are great for that, aren't they?

Maria Medley

If you are thinking of making a commment center where you can let people comment on your students blogs. In New York there is a teacher that has a project where when you make a comment it goes to the teacher's blog and he dicides whether it was an appropiate comment or not. I really think you should start a weblog with a comment site.Thanks for the great comment. Write Back Soon!!!!!!!


Thank for the exciting comment. I really love to express myself. For people to coraperate with others throughout blogs really makes blogs means a good deal for young writers. Thanks again for the great comment.
Nancy Mckeand!!


I also don't know why people write an appropriate there are many different subjects to write about. I'm really glad you feel the same I do. Thanks for the great comment. Thanks agaim Ms. Susan!!!


I love the story you wrote! It is really good for this short! I could never write a story that good that short! I always has to be long for me! OH, and one more thing.......................

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