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I really enjoyed your paragraph. I'm ready to jump on board with you. You are a good friend and teacher Mrs. McCullers.I enjoyed your idioms.


This year I vant to clim on bord.


I like your iodims. Here's one for you, "zip it". It means "be quiet." I hope you like it.


Mrs.MucCullers we learnd so much of the election it look like John Kerry when he lost he felt horible but GeorgeWBush was glad that he won.


I think voting on the Lab top was cool but
there was only three debaters George.Bush
John Kerry and Ralph Nader but it was still
fun and cool.


Mis. Mcculler you shud shac a leg wen you are norbes.You shud put a sock am your mouth in you are in the library.


Mrs. McCullers wore a black hat. People were cring but they weren't really crying, they were luaghing. I was laughing too!Christina was reading a word that we weren't gonna use.


I really liked your paragraph I hope you enjoed me as a 3 grader from your student Juan Trevino


Hi Ms.MucCullers. I am always trying to find new things. I like to read your paragraph. From Jhonathan. I hope you still remember me.

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