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Anne Davis

What a great experience! You are lucky to have Mrs. Meeler organize this for J.H. House. She is a wonderful instructional technology specialist! Be sure to thank her for making this possible for you.

Mrs. Meeler

Yes, the students did learn that every vote counts! I was glad to be a part of J.H. House during this important time for our nation. I hope our efforts at giving them an authentic experience influence them to take the right to vote seriously by making informed decisions.


Mrs.McCullers how did the votes go did it go well? This is what we have learned in computer lab how to post something to you or somewon else well thats all i wanted to say bye!


I liked going to the trailer to vote. I was almost the last one.There was two or four people voting.I liked using the laptop.


I really enjoy voting.I felt a little scared becuas I did not now how to vote to.It was hard to vote but I did now how to vote.I voted for kerry becuas he welly try hes best but hes stell a winner! your vote alwas conts!


I think it was fun voting. We got to use laptops and it looked like the real thing. Ms.Lindsey was the person who checked our names off the paper. There were seats for us to sit in while we waited. It was very fun to me!


When I voted, I was nervous and scared.
I like the computers we used. I voted for John Kerry. Did you vote for John Kerry or Bush?

Julie Gattis

Hello JHH Class,

I'm a friend of Ms. McCullers. She is a great friend and I'm sure you all think she's the best teacher you've ever had.

I've enjoyed reading all you comments, keep up the good news!
Julie Gattis

Laura Childs

Love your web site...it is a good way for the students to help improve their writing and typing skills. Mrs. Mc Cullers is such a cool teacher. Keep up the good work!!

Regina Phillips

I enjoyed reading about your experiences of voting. I'm glad to see Mrs. McCullers helping you learn about the important process of an election. Keep up the good work with your writing.


I hope the words that were overused always rest in peace. Everybody was trying not to laugh but they did laugh. Mrs.McCullers was dressed like you should be at a memorial service. Mrs.Barajas' class was dressed like if you were at a real memorial service too. Mrs.Barajas was fake crying and a few other people were fake crying too. Most people were laughing.One boy was calling out the words and other people were reading out there poems.Girls from Mrs.McCullers were brave and shy at the same time. Mrs.Barajas had tombstones that said "R.I.P" It means rest in peace.


Hi Mrs. McCullers,

I read what you said about third fourth and fith voting . You are sooo right about us voting even though it wasnt real I felt like it was.It was really exciting. You did a good post. You always wright and we understand you even when you were my teacher in 2002-2003.

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