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Dear Mrs Mcculler, I wonder if you know which one is your favorite Homophone if you do can you tell me which one it is.

Here is my example:

She read to her (son,sun) that was (eight,ate) years old.


I love homophones so much that I could do it everyday.

Here is my example:

The fish were in the (sea,see).

griselda villanueva

Nice job teaching your kids.I remember when I was in 3rd grade. Good job big eagle.


I love to use these!!!! To me, they are so fun to find out wich ones are write and wrong.
I have included some examples.


That was like half a year ago. http://11111111djgl.com kind 222222 [url=http://33333333333ztrl.com]333333[/url] Try this!

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