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I lked going to the pizza party.Now Ilike that the book fair is here because you get something free.


Mrs. mccullers I know its coming to an end. We don't get to see you or see the classroom. I'll miss you so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so very very very very very very much.I'll come to see you next year.


Ms Mccullers we know its coming to an end of the school year and all that stuff but we are going to miss you and all the teachers at Jhh will miss us too.


You have to do the teaching.And you have to whach coco.


I am so excited 3rd grade is almost over.I picture each grade as me running to get a key that allows me to go to the next grade.I will miss 3rd grade the most.


The year has pasted so fast I didn't even see it coming.I also am a little sad but you forgot the quiz bowl.I was exited about winning.I hope on the weblog you could write something different.


Mrs. Meeler

What a great year! The Magic Show could definately be added to the list too!

brittany brown

it has about evry thang we`ev done this year we`ve also have catepitelers.


It is going to be hard because you have to get ready the end of the day and you to get ready for the report cards and you have to get ready for the other class next year.And have to see if we go to the next grade and we have to cacth up with some suff.IT IS GOING TO BE A HARD DAY.


Mrs.Mccullers I know it is passing so fast but we at least have afew more days left. We are all going to miss you . I hope you have a grate time with us on Field Day.


I agrey that it's hard to belive that the year has gone by so fast. But we've had some go times this year . I'm going to miss you and my class mates. But I'll always remember yall.


The time when the bus driver lost the way to the play. We sat there and sat there.
once we got the play ended so we went to the CNN center.


I will miss you very much but I will try to visit you every day if I can.This hole year you have been a nice teacher. I realy am are happy that you my teacher.You are the best teacher I have had.


Dear, McCullers
In the last day I'm going to miss you a lot. I I'm going to rember you.But I'm am still happy that I'm in school.And you have been a good tacher.I hope that you have agood summer


Mis.Mccullers the last Day of school is hir.the frst day of school I thot it wus going to a long the days paste and nawe it is anost over.


This year is not over yet so get in the game. Just becose the year is almost over it`s enjoy the time you have left.

Ms. Roper

Don't forget about Field Day & those crazy 3rd grade teachers helping out your class in the scooter relay. Or did they only slow your class down? I am so sorry that I missed that relay in the gym, but I did HEAR the screaming!
Great Job Team Big Bird :-)


I liked my CNN trip last year.the weather was cool cause if you wore green the map would blind you.

ellen gatling

Sounds like you all had a very eventful year...kids love the buterflies...don't they.Liked the way you recapped the year


You have to do the teaching.And you have to whach coco.


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