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March 06, 2007



Wow! A giant squid. Hi my name is c15os I go to The Dalton School in New York I am in fourth grade. Come visit my blog. Oh yeah where did you get your info?


Hi Anni,

I think it pretty unlikely I'll be going to see the squid. Do you know how many miles it is to New Zealand?

You can find out here:
Put in Atlanta, Georgia and then put in New Zealand, New Zealand.

How long do you think it would take you to get there?



The size of a bus! Wow! That is a big squid! It would have to go into a huge aquarium wouldn't it? I doubt I will ever get to see the squid in person, but you never know. Was the squid alive when the fishermen caught it?


Dear Mrs.B

It is huge and I hope that I can go see it.I don't aqctualy know if it was alive but all i know is that I would let it free because they are just killing animal so they can show them in a muesem we it could be free in the nature where it belongs . Don't you think that they should have just let it go and then when it died then the could put it in a muesem? When it is alive it should get all it's freedom just like we diserve our freedom.


Dear c15os ,
I got all my info from Time For Kids.Where did you think that I got all my info from?



Dear Lani ,
It will not show or tell me. How many miles away is it if you know?


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