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March 27, 2007


Edel McLaughlin

Hi Anni,

I'm a teacher from New Zealand. I teach students from 11 years to 18 years old. I enjoyed your writing about your passion for monkeys. When I got married it was at a zoo! My husband built the chimpanzee enclosure at our local zoo so we thought it would be a great place for a wedding. When I was at university I did a degree studying animals (zoology) and one of my projects was studying chimpanzees at the zoo. So there are other people out there who are crazy about monkeys too!

Mrs. C

Hi Anni,
How cool! You heard from a teacher in New Zealand who shares your passion for monkeys. Since orangutans are your favorites go to
and have fun doing the puzzle. Let me see it when you finish! What is it about the gorillas that scares you?


Anni, it is fantastic that you are passionate about something! I agree with you that monkey’s do have some loveable characteristics. I too am a lover of monkeys. I love to watch them in action. Do you know just how intelligent monkeys are? They have the capability to be taught some of the same things humans are! Have you ever watched any shows about monkeys besides animal planet or gone to the zoo to visit them? If you haven’t you should! When you grow up, that would be really cool if you worked with monkeys, What type of tricks would you teach them?

Nicole (A graduate student)

PS Gorillas aren’t my favorite either, even though they are interesting to watch.


Dear MrsC.
the things that scare me about them is that they look scry and their voice is scary.


Dear Mrs. McLaughlin
They do look like humans so much. People tell me that we are made from monkeys do you think that is true?


Dear Nicole,
I would love to teach a monkey how to make food what would you want teach them?

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