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March 06, 2007



Hi Dulce Maria,

Wow! Your first paragraph made me want to read more and then you said it was as big as a school bus! Whew!!

There was something you said I had trouble understanding. Can you help me out? What did you mean when you said:
"One expert said that if the squid were cut into calamari rings,a food made of bract or tires!" Do people eat squid? And do they eat tires??

Thanks for helping me with this. I'm really curious.



Wow - that is definately one big squid! Was the squid alive when the fishermen caught it?

Keep up the good blogging!


Dear Dulce Maria,

First, I would like to tell you that I hope you are enjoying your new school and home. It is not easy to pick up your life and start over somewhere else. Though difficult, it leads to fresh beginnings, new friends, and opening doors. Also, remember that the friends you left behind are friends still. It is so easy in today's world to keep in contact with those we love. Email, cell phone, and blogging are perfect for keeping open the communication lines. I have a best friend who moved to Tennessee not too long ago. Yes, I was sad, but we email and call each other regularly. In fact, we just talked the other day and set up a place to meet "in the middle" this week!

Well, I will now move on to your amazing squid story. WOW! I'm wondering where you found out about this gigantic sea creature. Was it on the news or did you do some squid research? It does not sound like a hoax like the Loch Ness Monster.

Could you please clear up something for me? You mentioned that it was the length of a school bus when it was discovered on February 21, 2007. However, I read on and saw that two tentacles were found in 1925 in a sperm whale's stomach. Are you talking about two different squids? Your writing excites my curiosity, and I want to make sure I have the correct information to tell my friends. They will be just as shocked as I was!

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