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October 31, 2006



Hello! I enjoyed reading your blog about junk food and the article that you linked over to. I think it’s great that you are becoming aware about the importance of eating a healthy and well balanced diet. I usually try to eat pretty healthy and eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, dairy, and protein. But sometimes on the weekends I treat myself to a little bit of junk food (my favorite is Taco Bell!). I like sweets too much to eat healthy all the time. Thanks for sharing what you learned about eating healthy! Do you have any favorite healthy or junk foods?


I think that is so interesting. I'm a student-teacher right now and we were just talking about that very same issue. In class we decided that Americans eat way too much unhealthy food. We thought ways to reduce such bad habits would be to walk or ride bicycle to nearby places and give food to the poor. Great Blog Cena!


It's good to be thinking about the unhealthy nature of junk food. Remember, you have people on both sides of the issue. I know it's bad, but I find snacks very hard to resist. I do think fruits and juices make nice substitutes for unhealthy foods and snacks. When I have a supply of apples, oranges and fruit, I have little craving for junk food, especially candy.


Cena, thanks for your helpful reminder about junk food. I know that sometimes I need to be reminded that it is not a healthy snack. I simply can't imagine cutting chocolate out of my diet though. I think that as long as you eat healthy food too that you will be fine. It's good to hear that you are asking such important questions already. Happy snacking!


I'm impressed by your blog! Links *and* photos - really interesting, as is your subject of junk food. My main weakness is dark chocolate ....;-)



I think it is great that as a fifth grader you are learning about food choices. There is definitely a wide variety of food in our country and a lot of it can be very unhealthy. I have to admit that I do enjoy SOME junk food. I really do try to eat unhealthy food in moderation, which means small amounts. My favorite sugary item is sweet tea! A southern staple, but not very healthy. Do you have a favorite junk food? If so, what is it and why do you enjoy it?


i think that is a really good point of veiw because when i eat a lot of junk food i do get sick.
so thank you for telling me that interesting info.


hey i agree it does make people fat if they keep eating like that.i think everybody sould eat better to live a better live style.

Miss Kay

Cena, this is a great post for me! I recently have decided to live healthier by joining a gym and watching what I eat. I am learning the importance of what I eat and that I need to eat some foods less. For example, I love French fries, and like you that said there is nothing wrong with what you eat, it just has to be done in moderation. What is the junk food that is your favorite that you need to eat less of?


Heyy Cena.
I think that your post gives people who want to eat healthier modivation. You did a good job on explaining that junk food isn't bad for you, but you should only eat it in small doses. I have started to eat less junk food and more healthy food. Before I used to always eat chips on the weekend and drink pop all the time. Now I choose to eat cheese and drink water. My favourite type of junk food is Salt 'N Vinegar chips. Now that you have explained junk food, what is your favourite type of healthy food? You're doing a great job blogging, keep it up!

Dr. S. Brien

Hi Cena,

I think you will totally appreciate your good eating habits as you grow and become an adult. It is so important. It doesn't mean you can't have a snack, or a treat once in a while. It's when someone eats an entire bag of cookies, or chips that gets them in trouble! :) I used to teach Health to high school students. Each had to design their own fitness program that included what they were going to do about their nutrition. I had some fabulous projects turned in and, really, most students have stuck by their programs. :) I encourage you to do the same thing!

I will be posting a link to my comment on your blog at my own blog. You can find it at http://susan1967.edublogs.org

Good luck with 6th grade! I know you will enjoy it.

Dr. B.

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