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October 10, 2006



Hi Cena! I really enjoyed reading your poem. I love how you used the repetition of the phrase “I am nice and funny”… that tells me you think those qualities are really important and you are proud of being nice and funny (as you should be). I was curious: What is a Goliath seat? I’ve never heard of that before. I’m happy to hear you say you will do great in school- I’m sure that’s true and I am looking forward to reading your blogs as you share with all of us what you are learning about!

Mrs. C

I really enjoyed reading your poem. It is interesting that you want to be famous. What do you want to be famous for...acting, writing, singing, serving, speaking or something else? I can tell that you are a good thinker by the good comments you make in class. Keep it up!

Ms. Best

Hey Cena, I think it's so important to realize goals for the future. I would make another poem that deals with that topic alone, your future goals. You could title it "I want to..." I also want to hear more about your dreams of being rich and a wrestler someday. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!


Hi Kelly how are you I hope great. I rember that you asked me about what A goliath seat it is A huge rolor coaster ride


Cena,After reflecting on your post, I decided that I wondered why you put"I hear the ocean hitting the rocks."? I enjoyed reading your "I am" poem. It was a very interesting.

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