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October 31, 2006


J. Esteban

Let me start by saying that you are quite an artist. What I found really interesting, though, was that you aren't just good at drawing but your meanings and message in your art are important to you. That is a good thing to learn early on when you draw, because what separates a great drawing from a masterpiece is the emotional connection people make with it. The more meaning you put into your artwork the better, and you certainly put meaning into yours. What else do you like to draw?


Thanks Estaben I never realized I was an artist. My dad says that I put too many details but I like it like that. Thanks for commenting to me. If you don't mind what kind of music do you like?

Mr. J

I agree with J.Esteban it is great that you put meaning in your art! Some people draw to draw and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but to see an image and know that the artist drew it with purpose and put emotion into it makes it more mysterious and enjoyable! Keep up the great work!


Hi Cena!This is Kayla,a grade 6 student,from Meadow Lake Saskatchewan.I really enjoyed reading your Sweet Love blog.I love to draw with a pencil and sketch, but I don't like coloring.I feel that you didn't even need to explain your work because the picture explained it perfect.Blog Back,

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