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October 10, 2006


Mrs. C

I enjoyed reading your poem. It lets me get to know you better. I like the phrase "strong and fierce." I am really curious as to why you pretend you are lazy? Do you mind sharing the reasons why you do that? Keep up the good thinking and blogging!


Hi M.V.
I like your blog, and I like your poem. I like how your repeat that you are strong and fierce, but you also say things like that you cry and worry. To some people, these things may seem like they don't go together, but I get it. It shows that you are a real person with all kinds of different features and emotions. You are quite a poet!


I like this a great deal. Can I make a suggestion? the word "nice" is quite a weak word, because it can apply to so many things. Is there a better word you could think of?


Hi,Jim I think your comment was intresting that you understand people's emotions.Can I make a suggestion?Do you like video games?I have Lord Of The Rings The Return Of The King.I think video games are awesome.


Ms.C when I pretend to be lazy.Ionly do that to my big brother because he is lazy.I put that in to entertain people.


Hey Chris do you like whales? I like killer whales also known as Orcas.I will use polite instead of nice.


Hi M.V. You can be very funny and crazy with your writting sometimes. Why do you wonder about your brother? Why do u want three million dollars?


Hey M.V, I also want 3million dollars. I also hope you get a job.


Yes, yes! "polite" is great!

I was thrilled to see a whale in Loch Long, near where I live in Scotland, the other week. I believe it was a humpback.

Sorry I took a while to reply - I lose track of all the blogs I like to visit (despite bloglines' best efforts!)


Chris I predict that more whales will come.I also can't believe you saw a humpback whale!I never see them here.I think they are extrordinary to watch.If you see more whales please comment back.

Do you like Killer Whales?

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