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November 14, 2006


Ms. Best

You are an awesome writer!!! Very good word usage. You should read Gary Paulsen's The Hatchet. It's about a thirteen year old boy who is left alone in the Canadian woods after a plane crash. You should check it out, it's a really good read! I would like to hear more about what happens to the main character. Does he ever get rescued?


Goodness! I shall never feel the same about this spot again! I love your opening sentence - the personification of the storm. (ask your teacher about figures of speech)


Ms.Best speaking of Hatchet.I already read it. I thought it was a great book.My teacher has read Brian's Hunt to the class.A couple of months ago I checked out Brian's Winter.It was an awesome book.I think all of Gary Paulsen are great.
Have you read Dork In Disguise?


Chris, I have recently been learning about figurative language. Every time you comment you give me useful infomation. One reason I love blogging becaause your commenters give you information.

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