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January 12, 2007


Mrs. C

Hi M.V.,

I wish I understood why people believe that they have to go to war to solve problems. It seems that we should be able to figure out better ways to solve problems, don't you think? This was a very sad time for our country.

How do you think Lincoln could just have put an end to slavery before it got out of control? There are lots of good web sites about the civil war. Maybe you could find the answers to your questions there.

I am really proud of the effort you put into blogging! What would be your favorite topics to blog about and why?

Mrs. C


Hi M. V.,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and questions on this very difficult topic. You mentioned that this topic is important because you should learn from your mistakes. I think you are absolutely right!

When you find the answers to your questions, I hope you'll share them with us on your blog.



I think that Lincoln and Slavery are two very important topics. Why do you think Lincoln despised slavery, yet wouldn’t support abolitionists? I agree that we should know our past and learn from our mistakes. What do you mean by “what they did to those who passed away?”


Dear Mrs.C
I agree with you Mrs.C I think we should be able to solve problems without fighting.


Hi Lani,
I like social studies and other students think it's boring what do you think?I also ask do you know anything about Jackie Robinson?


I meant to post what happend to those who died in the war?I also want to know why he didn't support them if he didn'tlike it?

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