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January 23, 2007



Hi M. V.,

What great ways to use such fun idioms! I think I like "burning the candle at both ends" best.

Which is your favorite and why?



Hi Lani,It's great to hear from you again.If I had to pick between which one I like the best it would be not to shoot from the hip because I really think people should think about the consequences.
P.S.Tell Harley[your dog] I said hi and that have a great day because I know he always tries to shoot you in the arm[lifts your spirit] every day.


Hi M.V.,

Hmm, you've chosen a really good idiom for your favorite with a terrific reason! And you are absolutely right, Harley gives me a shot in the arm daily!!

I'll give him the message or you can if you want to comment on his blog.

Tipping my hat to all your good work,


I have commented to Harley and I put he reminds me of my very own dog.I will comment to him again shortly.

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