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March 27, 2007


Mrs. A

Hello MV. Wow, you are passionate about many things. You are right, it is kind of boring to just list those things. Maybe you can pick a couple of special things, and then tell more about why they are important to you.
Why do you like art and dark colors?
Well, I hope everything at school is going ok. I miss you all. See you soon!

Tyler (Aka PooF all Mighty)

Hey there M.V!

Wow you have been righting alot now! Keep it up!
Just a small question here. Do people think your annoying? If so, you are quite like me. I also like Naruto ^.^, Weird Al Yankovic, Ufo's and Dark colors but I'm not a big fan of racing games... And to answer your question. I think girls like Nelly Furtardo because it's chick music...
Well I got to go now, cya! Keep bloging!


Tyler(aka PooF all Mighty) ,
Have you ever liked a girl and one day she turns around and you think she likes you so you tell her and it turns out she likes someone else?....I have and it hurts not only that but I was embarresed because I was around everyone when I asked her?By the way some people think I'm annoying I think it's true and that I should quit blogging I might never blogg again for life..........Do you have a special felling for a special someone in your school?I'm heart-broken.



I know I can be creative and stuff but I can't think of anything today could you help me?

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