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April 10, 2007


Mrs. C

Hi M.V.!
I really like this post. I can tell you are really into this! I need your help learning about Yoshi and some of your other posts. I find them quite interesting and can tell you are the one I want to learn from. Do you see some constructive ways we might weave them into our projects? Let's talk! What do you think?


Hi M.V.,

I had no idea Yoshi could be so big and that he helped out! So now you know how much I don't know about him--

Can you tell me more? Is he the kind of character I'd want around my family?



Yes,Yoshi would be a great character to introduce to your family.I even started a Yoshi Club these are the members:me,Micheal,Cena,Jhonny,and Mary.


I can't think of anyway you could probably get Micheal to do that because he is more open-minded than I am.Sorry,M.V.

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