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April 13, 2007



Wow, you sure know a lot about geology. Have you always enjoyed studying geology, or is it a new passion? Have you studied the history of any particular volcanos and the effects of eruptions on climate? How about the history of Pompeii? I bet you will be fascinated with that city. If you do a Google search of Pompeii, I bet you will find some amazing pictures.



Dear M.V.

What a scientist you are! I must confess and admit that science comes very hard for me. Your definitions were well-written so that I could understand them. Why, you even included the graphics to explain what you were saying. You impressed me with your position as a professor. It is easy to see that we have a brilliant scientist or professor in the making. I'm curious. Do you want to teach science when you grow up or would you rather be out in the field doing the experiments and research? There are good points to both. Hmmm...I wonder if there is some way to combine teaching AND the experimenting part...


Hi M.V.,

What a great post and I love that you're teaching and accepting questions on science.

For my lesson, please, can you help me understand why they have so many serious earthquakes around San Francisco?



Have you ever heard the saying if you know reading you know all well some of that is true and scieence isn't hard if you try to relate to something your good at and comment back for more tips in science and there is a way you could combine teaching and expirementing for my next post I will show I promise.

ProfessorM.V. Blasting Off


I'm going to make your questions dissapear by answering them by making a new post.


I hav e never studied Pompei but I put it on my must styudy and research list can you give me an idea on making a new post.

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