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October 10, 2006


Mrs. C

What a good poem you have written! Just a tip- remember to use your spell check and you can correct your spelling errors so easily. It is important! Pets do have their own unique personalities, don't they? What is special about your dog's personality? I like your blog design.

Ms. McGrew

What a creative poem! You are obviously very imaginative. I like all of the details that you include, like describing when you imagine your dog sprouting wings. Your blog definitely made me want to know more about your dogs.
Your blog design is also very interesting and creative.
It looks like you are off to a great start blogging!

Ms. Scarbary

Wow, Micheal! I am very impressed with your poem. I think dogs are superior, too. I have a beagle named Tanner. And I also have a neopet! Isn't that great, how you can write a poem on your blog, and someone like me can read it and relate to it?
Kepp on writing.


Great example of divergent thinking here - I love your choice of words to disturb your reader. Keep blogging!


Hi Ms.Scarbary,That is amasing that you have a neopet account. Guess what,I also own a neopet account. Yes that is cool that I can post a poem and you can comment on it. Last week I got a tamagocthi connection v3. Do you own a tamagocthi connection v3?


Thanks,chris about the divergent comment. What does divergent mean?


Greetings Ms. McGrew,Thanks for saying I am imaginitave. I play a game using imagination. I play with my stuff animals and make them talk. I play it with my sister.


I think dogs are superior, too. Your poem is awesome!!

Uncle John

Great poem Micheal! There is one poet who made poetic images by putting together two unrelated nouns to create a new and interesting idea. For example, "hydrogen jukebox". It doesn't really make any sense but somehow does. I made one: "fire engine snowstorm". And you can put it in a poem. "I walked out onto the pavement of Brooklyn. Out into the fire engine snowstorm."
Can you make one?
I would probably have agreed with you that dogs are superior until we got our cats. Your aunt trained one of our cats to use the human toilet. Pretty cool, eh?

Ms. Scarbary

I do not own a Tamagotchi. You should maybe write a story about how it works, and post it to your blog for us to read.


People who read my blog,This reply is to show how to use a tamagotchi connection v3. It has 3 buttons on the front. The first one is A, Second is B, and the third is C. They cost 14.00$ at walmart. There are 52 characters you could get. There are 5 versions of them. There is egg, child, teenager, and adult. You can connect to tamagotchis and have babys. It also lets you go to the internet and win prizes to give to your toy.


Ms. Scarbary, Last week I won a limited edition golden tamagotchi connection v3. It is a collecters item but I am still playing with it. I also made a reply on how to make one. Are you getting one?

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