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October 24, 2006


Mrs. A

Why do you think they have the ending "before we go" part on CNN? I think it is how they show interesting news stories quickly.


Your comments about CNN and pizza and Elmo certainly grabbed my attention--just like a good "lead" or headline should. It is interesting that your blog is about CNN this week as I just spent a couple of days home with a cold and spent a lot of time watching that channel. I think that CNN is particularly good at giving you the gist of the news quickly and in many subject areas. When a crisis occurs (nationally or world wide) they are the first place I turn. Yet, their strength can be a downfall, too, in that the short blasts of information have to grab viewers attention and can leave out many details. Have you ever noticed anything that seems two sided like that in your life?
I think the ending "before we go" is probably upbeat in order to send the viewer out to start his or her day on a happier note than what the news might have shown. What is your opinion?
As for Elmo, no he isn't my favorite. I much prefer Oscar--he seems to have a story I'd like to hear!


You have a lot of interesting stuff on your blog! First, I agree with you that CNN is pretty ridiculous, but that’s what makes it fun to watch. I do, however, really like and admire Elmo. Mostly, this is because I have a daughter who loves Elmo. She also likes Big Bird whom she refers to as “Mama Bird.” I think the reason CNN has so much goofy stuff is that they have been losing viewers to Fox News. I also enjoyed reading about Jeff King on your blog. I’m almost 40 and so I love to see people older than me winning athletic competitions. It doesn’t happen too much. Keep up the good writing.


Dear Mike, since Greta Van Susteren left I think CNN has pizza about 48% of the time , pizzaz about 23% and the rest of the time they just have commercials.

I do agree with you about Elmo, I don't trust him. It's strange, there are so many different Elmos out there. On one hand I really respect his mother, but come on, couldn't she have been more creative with their names?

How does she keep track of them all? If she called Elmo in for dinner it would be like a fuzzy, red carpet on stampede. That's scares me!

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