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February 13, 2007



The Freddie cat *I know* loooooooves school, even more than baseball!

In fact right now he is finishing up his PhD's in Marine Biology, Oceanography and Avian Studies. He is also working on an epic poem written entirely in iambic pentameter, it's about the political role of long haired cats in Renaissance France. It will be published next summer in The Definitive Anthology of Distinguished Feline Verse. Dylan Thomas's cat Pedro is will also be contributing his famous poem "Do Not Go Gentle to That Mean Vet."


I know someone else named aunt mary and anna who have a cat that looks just like freddy and is named freddy to. He is what inspired me to do this post. do you think freddy or garfield is a famous cat name.


Michael, that is your Aunt Mari being silly.


Thanks,mom for telling me that.


hi i want to play baseball too i hard doin homework it's just to hard to do,i hate to say but i sort of like school,because we do sport and art so whats wrong with 6 hours of school.bye.


I do not realley like homework (especially last nights solving unlike factions math homework).I am very good at reading though.

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