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February 13, 2007


Arhan Kundu

Hi Micheal. I am I kid who doesn't really blog much. After reading your blog I think blogging is quite fun. Hope you visit my blog!


Hi Michael,

I get a great picture in my mind of Sparky shooting through the house when she has had steak fat! I love your post. Sparky is so lucky to have you as her family now!

Where does she like scratched most? Harley's favorite spot is on his chest.



Michael, your post made me smile. I am a dog lover myself and am quite in love with our black lab named Lily. Don't you just love those sad "please pet me" eyes of a lab? Lily is our darling and the baby of the family. She is coal black from head to toe except for her pink tongue that hangs out on hot summer days. Lily has the most patience and tolerance of any dog I have ever seen. She is actually trained and certified as a therapy dog. We take her to nursing homes in the community to visit the elderly and the sick. They fall in love with her very quickly! All of the family, but especially my mom, worked on training Lily to become a therapy dog. She had to pass a difficult test before she could be allowed around the nursing homes. She has to be laid back and easy-going. She can't bark or jump up on people. She has to be willing to sit for long periods of time and not be scared of sitting very close to a wheelchair. The elderly people LOVE to pet her and give her treats from their hand. Sometimes, they are too weak to hold the treat in their hand, so Lily just takes it gently from their lap or knee. Lily is an unusual dog in another way too. We call her our vegetarian dog. She loves to eat vegetables and fruit! Green beans and bananas are her absolute favorite. We also feed her carrots, apples, pumpkin, and little pieces of salmon for a treat. Lily is ALWAYS hungry, but then again, I think all labs are food lovers! Your last sentence about Sparky was my favorite. Dogs so often become as close as a best friend, brother, or sister. Does Sparky get to sleep in the bed with you? Lily is not allowed in our beds because she leaves coal black hairs wherever she goes. You mentioned you and your sister taking care of Sparky. What are the ways you take care of her? I know Sparky must love you like a brother!


My dog does the please pet me eyes to and when I am on the computer she sticks her head through the armrest and pushes my arm on her head. Here is a URL to a dog named harley's blog: http://harleyspaws.blogspot.com/index.html.


lani, sparky's favorite scratch spot is her backside. does harley have any other scratch spots?


Arhan Kundu, I saw your blog and liked the astonomy post. what is your favorite post on my blog?

juan vaca

Michel,I think your dog is very cute too! I have a dog too and I know how it feels to have one. My dog is very playful. He has his own house outside.


our dog loves sleeping and we just discovered that her favorite snack food is goldfish crackers. what is your dogs favorite snack food?

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