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March 30, 2007



Watch your capital letters - they're missing in several places!
Can you find out why I was startled by your reference to a concentration camp?

Mrs. A

Hi Michael, how are you? How are things at school going?
Your post about Yoshi is interesting, but you may want to explain more about who Yoshi is and the game you are talking about. Do you play on your computer?
Well, I hope everything at school is going ok. I miss you all. See you soon!


Hi Michael,

When I first read your post I was aghast! I immediately thought of one definition of concentration when you said a learning camp was a concentration camp. Then I got to thinking and realized maybe Yoshi's meaning was different from what I first thought.

Can you tell me what meaning concentration has when it's used for Yoshi's learning camp? Can you imagine why I might have been aghast?

I guess my quiz is very like the one Chris posed--



It is a nickname chris and lani. the yoshis call it that because they cannot say school so it is called that


my birth day is on 4-27-07.
I also made a yoshi club.


So, why did you write about Yoshi? Are you into Mario games? Anyway, I think you should write on something different then Yoshi.

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