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April 10, 2007


Mrs. C

Hi Michael!
This is a good post and quite a nice tribute to Randy. You made some interesting points. Sometimes I write short posts and sometimes they are long. I usually don't think about a number of sentences.

You are doing some good thinking! Keep it up! Have you been thinking more about your project? Share your ideas.

Mrs. A

Michael, that is so great that you were inspired by reading his answers. I am inspired by reading your post sometimes. Would you like to keeping blogging next year, why? Keep up the great work!
-Mrs. A


Hi Michael,

I really enjoyed reading this post. Your choice of words really helped keep my focus, especially the word tribute in your title, and how you expressed your feelings with amazed and inspired. I liked "computer malfunction". It is such a nice, calm way to explain a disappointing situation; I used to call it "technology gremlins" when technology failed us.

Were there specific words in Randy's answers that inspired you?



lani, we call blackouts god's way of saying to play outside. I am also very happy because my birthday is near and I found out my parents trick me and no I could not find any but one that comments are helpful.


mrs. A and Mrs.c I found an error in google maps look at it: Head southeast on Trinity Ave SW toward Washington St SW 0.2 mi
1 min

2. Slight left at Memorial Dr SW 0.3 mi
1 min

3. Turn left at Martin St SE 361 ft

4. Take the I-85 N/I-75 N ramp 0.2 mi
1 min

5. Merge onto I-85 N
Passing through South Carolina
Entering North Carolina 242 mi
3 hours 47 mins

6. Take exit 38 for I-77 N/I-77 S/US-21 N/US-21 S toward Statesville/Columbia 0.5 mi
1 min

7. Merge onto I-77 N
Entering Virginia 124 mi
1 hour 56 mins

8. Take exit 32 for I-81 N/US-11 N toward Roanoke 0.5 mi
1 min

9. Merge onto I-81 N
Passing through West Virginia, Maryland
Entering Pennsylvania 368 mi
5 hours 45 mins

10. Take exit 89 to merge onto I-78 E toward Allentown
Partial toll road
Entering New Jersey 136 mi
2 hours 12 mins

11. Take the N J Turnpike North/I-95 N exit
Partial toll road 1.3 mi
2 mins

12. Slight left at I-95 N (signs for I-95/Exits 15W - 18W/I-280/Geo Washington Bridge/RT-3/Meadowlands Sports Complex)
Partial toll road
Passing through New York
Entering Connecticut 88.0 mi
1 hour 42 mins

13. Take exit 48 on the left to merge onto I-91 N toward Hartford 36.8 mi
37 mins

14. Take exit 29 for US-5 N/CT-15 toward I-84/E Hartford/Boston 0.4 mi

15. Merge onto CT-15 N 1.7 mi
2 mins

16. Merge onto I-84 E
Partial toll road
Entering Massachusetts 40.7 mi
38 mins

17. Take the exit onto I-90 E/Mass Pike/Massachusetts Turnpike toward N.H.-Maine/Boston
Partial toll road 56.0 mi
56 mins

18. Take exit 24 A-B-C on the left toward I-93 N/Concord NH/S Station/I-93 S/Quincy 0.4 mi
1 min

19. Merge onto Atlantic Ave 0.8 mi
3 mins

20. Turn right at Central St 0.1 mi

21. Turn right at Long Wharf 0.1 mi

22. Swim across the Atlantic Ocean 3,462 mi
29 days 0 hours

23. Slight right at E05 0.5 mi
2 mins

24. At the traffic circle, take the 2nd exit onto E05/Pont Vauban 0.1 mi

25. Turn right at E05
Partial toll road 17.3 mi
22 mins

26. At the traffic circle, take the 2nd exit onto A131/E05 heading to A131/Rouen/Paris/Evreux
Partial toll road 9.1 mi
8 mins

27. Take the exit onto A13/E05/L'Autoroute de Normandie
Partial toll road 20.3 mi
17 mins

28. Take the exit onto A13/E05/L'Autoroute de Normandie
Partial toll road 56.5 mi
47 mins

29. Take the exit on the left onto A14 toward Nanterre/La Défense
Partial toll road 12.5 mi
16 mins

30. Slight right at N13 1.4 mi
3 mins

31. Turn right at Avenue de Neuilly/N13 269 ft

32. At the traffic circle, take the 4th exit onto Avenue de la Grande Armée 0.7 mi
3 mins

33. At Place Charles de Gaulle, take the 5th exit onto Avenue des Champs-Elysées 1.3 mi
3 mins

34. Slight right at Voie Georges Pompidou 1.4 mi
3 mins

35. Slight left to stay on Voie Georges Pompidou 440 ft

36. Slight right at Quai de la Mégisserie 377 ft

37. Continue on Quai de Gesvres 0.2 mi
1 min

38. Turn left at Place de l'Hôtel de Ville 194 ft

To: Paris

look at the swim across part. When people rush they make mistakes. If a ultra gullible person reads that he will do it.


Hi Michael,

Thanks for reading so carefully and finding the part about swimming. Do you think that you could make that swim? :-)



lani, I cannot even swim, I never learned how to

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