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October 24, 2006



i think that you are very smart and bright well you keep up the good work love you

Mrs. A

What do you think some of your strengths and weaknesses are with your writing?


HI Mrs.A,
I think that my weaknesses are explaining the characters, because when I explain them I just tell you everything about them that does not relate to the story. That is what I kind of need help with.So if you could help me with that It will be great.
Thanks Lindsey

Ms. Scarbary


I love writing, too! It seems like you are on your way to becoming a great writer. Enjoying what you do is the key to being good at it. I think you have a very important point about word choice. Expanding your vocabulary will make your writing more rich, and your readers will be able to picture your settings and characters even better. Practice makes perfect! Every time you write a story, maybe try to use one completely NEW word that you've just learned.

Oh, and my favorite stories are about families. I like to read books about sad or troubling times that families have to struggle through together.

J. Esteban

I've never been one for writing with a prompt either. I think it is a lot more fun to just sit down and write what comes to me. Not only do I enjoy the possibility that gives, but I think it helps me to grow as a writer since I am always practicing and trying something new. The same goes for words, and I appreciate that you work so hard to put interesting words in your writing. It really shows, I must say.


I’m glad to learn you like working on your writing. I think you write very well and you certainly have many “wonderful thoughts” posted on your blog. Like you I don’t really like writing on a prompt, but writing instructors have to give them because writing tests usually have a prompt. When I have to write on a prompt I always try to remember that I can respond to the prompt in any way I want and this helps me to feel that I have some freedom in my response. I was also glad to read about Hannah Montana on your blog. My kids love the Disney channel and I’ll let them know it’s a good show.


I really enjoyed this post. You have a very good topic judging by the number of responses. I teach middle school students and often I give them the prompt. They have mostly adapted to it, but they would rather think of their own topics to write about. I give the prompts because of the upcoming writing test in January. However, there are assignments in which they determine the topics. Most of the time I can tell the increased enthusiasm they show for their writing on topics they've chosen.


You are an incredible writer. I just wish you would write more. I really enjoy reading your blogs.
Love Ya


Hi Jodi,
I am so glad that I am a writer/blogger. It is so fun. Soon I will be writting alot more after we get more in to blogging,hopefully. So just keep checkin in so you can see what I do. What do you want me to type about? I will see if I can do it.


I like that you like to learn helpful subjects.It is very unique that this is what you like to learn.This will help you as you get older and it really shows off who you really are.


Thanks leslie,
I know that it shows off who I really am. What do you like about writting?


Hi Ms. Scarbary,
Oh, I love to read books in my spare time. I am not sure what my favorite book is. I do not like complicated books they get very boring sometimes.

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