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November 07, 2006


Ms. Scarbary


It sounds like you've had some great technology training. Your mom must be a very smart woman to teach you to type at a young age. Typing is a great skill to have. Writing on the computer is great because you have lots of opportunities to edit your work.


wow again i love you baby gurl


You are very lucky to have gotten so much experience with technology at such a young age. I remember taking a typing class in middles school where we learned to put our fingers at home base (asdf and jkl;) and type everything from there. My dad learned to type with just his index fingers, but it's amazing how fast he can type with two fingers! Have you showed your mom your blog? I'm sure she'd be proud of the great job you are doing (especially since she taught you to type so well!) :)


Hi Kelly,
Yes actually I have showed my mom my blog. She loved it , she also said that it is very wonderful and interesting.
I also have learned the same way you have. In third grade this teacher came to our class and taught us. I learned something very cool. Did you know that your thumb is not really part of your hands. It is like they are resources. The teacher that teached us said that but people did not believe me when I said it. I was very confused when she said that. When you get a chance tell your dad that him and his to typing fingers are very cool. It also seems like he is very skilled with his typing. What I want to know how and who taught him?
I wnat you to know that I do not know how my dad types. I think that he is very fast and great typer,because I am a very great and fast typer but not that fast. My mom is a pretty fast typer but not that fast.


Hi Ms. Scarbary,
Yes ny mom is a very smet person. She loved teaching me. My mom said that I was a good listner while she was teaching me. Typing is a very cool and interesting thing. I LOVE IT,IT IS AWSOME!!


I wish that I had learned to type when I was your age. I’m almost 40 and I still haven’t learned. Mostly, I type with two fingers and as you can imagine it takes a long time. My son, who is in third grade, found a typing program on the internet and he loves learning to type. He already types faster then me. My wife, however, is still the fastest in our family.

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