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March 30, 2007


Mrs. A

WoW, your spring break sounds really fun. I love going to Florida for a vacation, too. Maybe I'll get to go this summer. What else did you do over spring break?
Well, I hope everything at school is going ok. I miss you all. See you soon!


Hi I'm Ashley and I live in china and I just read about your Spring break and it sounds great hanging around at the pool and going to tiki bars with your family. I love to go swimming too in both pools and oceans and I like to get tans too, but I usually get burnt instead. For my Spring break we went to Malaysia and it was really fun hope ou had as much fun as I did!

Mrs. C

Hi LIndsey!
Your spring break sounds fantastic. And you have heard from someone from China! Isn't that amazing? Do you know here Malaysia is? Find it on the globe when you can. Name the different places where you have received comments. Maybe we should make some maps. Do you think that would be fun? See you tomorrow!


Hi Lindsey,

I hope your spring break was as wonderful as you describe.

I was wondering why do you dislike the beach?


Miss Kay

Hello Lindsey,

I understand why you love Florida so much. I moved from Ft. Lauderdale Florida about two years ago. Unlike you, I love both the beach and the pool. I love going to the beach but living outside of Atlanta, its hard for me to adjust to the weather and no beach. So, when I go home, I soak up the sun just like you do. You should be careful when you get a tan make sure you are wearing some kind of sun tan lotion for protection. I hope you blog about your trip when you get back!


We all really really really really really miss u!!! I hope to see you soon!!!!! Well on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday we went to the beach and later that night we went to this seafood resturaunt and it actually had every type of food!!! I had a wonderful time!!! If you do go this summer then I hope you have a wonderful time!!!


Hello Lani,
You see I dislkie the beach beacause I dislike sharks, and I am afraid to get bit by a shark.
I did have a awesome time in florida. We were going to go to disney world but we did not get to. Have you ever been to florida?


Hi Ashley,
Oh you bet I did! HYave you ever been to Florida?


Hello Mrs.C,
I do not know +If I would like it. No I do not know where Malaysia is. I just might have to go see where it is on the map.


Hi Miss Kay,
I would have but we had other things to do that day. But I would have loved to.

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