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May 04, 2007



Hi, Rosalinda I wanted to say that I think that Cordelia is right, And you are too, everyone makes mistakes once in a while. i now I also make mistakes and I know that the person who commented to you saying that also makes mistakes. Who is your favorite singer? Mine is RBD. Well I have to go hope you feel bet-R.
love, Patricia


Hi Patricia,
Thanks for your support. My favorite singers are RBD too. I think their songs are great. Well gotta go. See you later.


Hi Rosalinda,

I happen to think that comments are pretty special too! Your posts and comments are so full of your joy; you can feel it in all your words! Your posts are so thoughtful and your comments so kind!

I'm thrilled we've had this opportunity to connect!

Take good care,


For me blogging has been a very special class of the year. I'm so sad it has to end, I really enjoy your comments and your posts. I'm really don't think I'll have blogging class next year in the sixth grade, I hope we did though. You've been a special person in this experience to me and to my class mates. I just wish that I had the opportunity to blogg the whole year, I only got to blogg half a year and for 1 hour only, but the impostant thing is that I got to do it any way. Thanks for blogging to me lani. Well gotta go.

mijn homeblog

Ik kon gewoon niet anders dan even reageren: erg mooie post, goed geschreven, lekker informeel! Hoeveel post je per maand?

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