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July 15, 2007



Hi Rosalinda,

I can't remember that far back when I was going to middle school. But I can remember moving to a new school when I was a teacher; it was an emotional time too!

I was worried I would get lost in the building; they gave us a tour and a map so it didn't happen much. When it did, I just asked. I'm sure you'll get a tour too! And never be afraid to ask!

Sometimes it's not easy for me to meet new people. I was concerned about that. At our first staff meeting, everyone was introduced and I was a assigned a mentor to help with all of my questions. I know your new teachers and school will have lots of activities to introduce you and themselves. It will be lots of fun!

I was really excited to be able to start something new to me. I learned so much and had such fun. I know you that you will feel the same way too! If you're like me, you just have to get over the "first day jitters" and then enjoy!

I can't wait to hear about your first day! It's July 30 am I right?



Hi Rosalinda,

My mom told me you're getting ready for a new school! That should be great fun!

I haven't been to middle school, but I do know that when I went to my school, I sat with my back to my classmates the first day because I was shy. The next day I made sure I sat facing them and was part of the group so I didn't miss anything. Don't do what I did-- you'll miss out on the some of the fun!

I loved my teachers; they always had lots of good treats. I know your teachers will be nice to you too.

Here's a big "woof" and slurpy kiss to send you on your way the first day!!!!


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