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November 28, 2006



Look at your last line :-0 and see if you can spot where you've mixed up two possible spellings of a word ....

umbrosia c.

i really liked your writing!! keep up the good work!!


i think that what makes writing better is also if you put voice in it or if you record your self saying it or you make a video about it so that people get a better sence of what you were talking about.p.s can you please comment back to me so that you can see my blog it is pretty good except the only thing that we are not allowed to do is change the color from the backround and trust me im still trying to get my teacher to let us if he does say yes i will write to you and tell you so that you can look at my blog and see the color that i chose.


I can't wait to see the color you choose. I hope it will be the color you like. If you want me to I could help you choose the color you like the best.
The Best,


Umbrosia c.,
Thank you very much and I'll keep up my good work.


Thank you for showing me the missspelled words.

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