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November 14, 2006


Ms. Best

That's so funny I had a very similiar experience. Me, my sister and some friends had gone to South Carolina to go white water rafting. It was very exciting but half way through the trip we hit a rock and my sister flew out of the raft. It was so funny and scary at the same time. We all had to help pull her out of the water becuse the waves were crashing so hard. I loved it though and thankfully she made it out safe and sound. Great story Tina!!

Ms. Scarbary


Have you ever been lucky enough to see a whale in the ocean? They are beautiful animals, and so big! 2 summers ago, I went on vacation to Alaska, and we got to see humpback whales and orcas. You're right- it is very weird to see whales come to the surface and blow air out their holes.
Keep Writing!

Ms. McGrew

What a great story! Is this based on some of your real-life experiences?
I have only been water skiing once, and I was not very good. I probably need to practice some more. I hope that you get the chance to go water skiing again soon. I also hope that you keep writing about your adventures. I look forward to reading more!


I hate it when weather keeps me from getting to play outside. Your story captured something that is very true to life: getting ready to have a fun trip outside and having weather ruin it. However, there are a lot of fun things that you can do inside too. Whenever it is raining, I like to play cards, watch movies, or play board games.
It sounds like you like waterskiing. I am jealous that you are able to do it. I always fall within my first 30 seconds of trying!


Oh, come on! I want to know what you felt when you saw the whale! I saw my whale from a long distance and felt I'd been in touch with another world, so i can't think someone woudl be so close and not feel something. A good writer like you can surely convey emotions with some good description.


It was ok but if the weather wouldn't have mest it up.


It was also cool when they make a shap with their air bowing.


Yes I can admit it was hard the first time but just keep tring and you will get better


The weather does get in the way alot.Sometimes when I come in from the rain my mom gives me something to do.


It felt very weird that close to a whate we did want to let our dad take us to him but my sister was to scared to tuch him so we took her back to shore and when we went back mto pet the whale it was gone.


What do you mean by v or an arrow? Idid not understand a few thing , but everything else looks perfect. I liked your story!!!!!

P.S Blog to you later
your friend ,


I notest the error.

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