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February 06, 2007



Hi Tina,

Your title is just perfect! I love it! And I feel that you have been very persuasive in your post.

Can you tell me some more about how computers help you to pay attention? I understand what you have written and I wondered if using the computer really kept your attention more than reading in a book or writing at your desk?



I'm glad you understand and if people do not wish to play computer games they can read or do something that Mrs. A asked us to do.


You have some good ideas about why you should get more computer time. What would you say about students who need more time to finish their work? They would never get any computer time. What if you had more time to play educational games? Do you think the teacher might be more likely to give you more time then?


Hey Tina,
I believe that because computers are so important in today’s society that students do need more time using the computer. However, because school is for learning I believe that the activities students do on the computer should have a focus. Do you think that if teachers created assignments that allowed students to use the computers to freely “surf the web” such as a webquest (an assignment that allows student to use only the Internet to complete an assignment) that students would feel they had more freedom? What if you were also allowed to “play games” that were related to topics discussed in class? If you still wanted “free” computer time, what are some ways students could earn it? I am all for students being able to use the computer for all sorts of activities, but I do believe that at least at school, things done on the computer should be educational.


Thank you for agreeing with me because the teachers here do not agree with me at all.


I would have rules of where to go on the computer and if they break those rules they will be in a lot of trouble.

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