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February 13, 2007



Ms. Outspoken's response to Tina's 12/13/07 Post.

Your comic of the tomato talking about taxi drivers's driving is very funny. I have visited New York City, New York and the taxi driving there was so bad I claimed I would only ride the subway from then on in Manhatten. (This is the same as N.Y. city.)I have held true to my word. The graphic you chose is very interesting. Did you make this yourself? Have you ever been somewhere that the taxi driving was scary and a bad example for other drivers?
Ms. Outspoken


I have seen places on TV that had very bad drivers.How scary was the taxi in N.Y.hope it wasn't to scary for me or others. If no one trusted them any more they would go out of business.


I think you are right they are a bad influence. could you tell me if they are fired.


I don't now any real taxi drivers but if I hear of any I will let you know.

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