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March 30, 2007



Hi Tina,

Do I understand you correctly that you are passionate about being a teacher like your teacher?

Can you tell me more about why you feel this way?



What I mean is like waiting for my teacher to return from babysitting Eli.


Hey Tina
So was your post about what you are passionate about? That is an very important life question at your age. And you are correct about there being many things you can be passionate about in life. Interesting enough is that I too am passionate about being a teacher. I teach first grade and I absolutely love it! A lot of careers require you to be passionate about your work, but I believe the most important job to be passionate about is teaching. This is because as a teacher your job is teaching young minds in order for them to become functional and resourceful citizens of whatever country they live in. Teaching requires much more work than most people could imagine. It is not a job where you can come and do half of your work on a daily basis. They must give their all so that their students can grow from what they have learned.
So what is so great about your teacher that she has inspired you to become a teacher? What are some good qualities of a great teacher? Is there anything that you would do differently from your teacher? What are some other things you are passionate about?


Thank you for the commet I also love your name Peace.

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