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October 10, 2006


Mrs. C

What a great choice of adjectives for your personality! You know what - I agree!

We need good scientists. I'm glad you are thinking of that career. Have you checked out the Science Daily ( link on the sidebar of your blog? It was the favorite link of several student bloggers last year. Keep up the good blogging!


I really enjoyed reading your introduction and your poem. You're very insightful and expressive. Your poem reminded me of a time in which I was younger. I remember always praying with my grandmother when I was in elementary school and the dreams and hopes I had for my future. Some have come true. Except the one about being rich. Use your blog to write about what you really care about and others will share with you as well.


Thank you for posting on my blog.That is very special to me.Always remember the pen is mightier than the sword.



I appriciate you blogging to me. What you said to me was very special and I thank you.

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