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October 24, 2006


Mrs. A

I can tell your mind is a real sponge! I was so impressed with your knowledge about the Native Americans. What do you think these groups thought when explorers began coming to their land?
-Mrs. A


You included a lot of information about several of the Native American tribes such as their types of housing and crops. Their histories are fascinating.
You asked if any of your readers could relate to your topic. I can tell you that the way you wrote it-- using several colors and about different tribes-- reminded me of the
gatherings, or pow-wow's, Native Americans sometimes have. Several groups come together with all their regalia (special costumes) and instruments and spend some time with each other.
Have you ever heard of that? They did this at the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games in Utah and it was very beautiful and moving.



I'm glad to see that you are learning so much about Native American cultures. You seem to be gaining a lot of good information. I can relate to this topic somewhat because I recently took a trip to Cherokee North Carolina. There I was able to watch a play about the Trail of Tears. Have you learned about that yet?

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