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January 30, 2007



Hi Eddie,

I love the expression icy wonderland!

How cold does it get where you are? It's down to 5 degrees here now! Truly icy--



Dear Lani,

You commented to my blog and I'm telling you that it doesn't get cold often. Only in the winter it gets really cold because I live in GA. We havn't had snow in 3 years but I'm okay with it.


Hi this is Randy from Mr.Fisher's class. That picture reminds me of my house up in Snow Lake. It reminds me of my house because my house has lots of snow too. Well blog post are very god and I hope you keep on writing. So I can come back to read more.

Miss Kay

1) Yes, I think the driveway was cleared because the snow is lower in that area and the tire marks are visible.
2) The first word that comes to mind when seeing this picture is pretty. I love the picture of the house covered in snow. I also see the snow falling. It makes me feel cold, just looking at the picture.


There are many times that I wish and hope for snow like what I see here in Lani’s beautiful photograph. It is such a dream-like picture. This photograph makes me long to play in fluffy white snow, more than I normally do. (Which is about every winter!) The snow on the tree absolutely looks like a fluffy white elephant to me. Thank you very much for sharing this winter-wonderland with me and taking me away from my warm winter. What is your winter like where you are?



Our winters are cold but we don’t get snow. Where you live do you get snow? We haven’t seen snow in my town in GA. There are many times that I wish for snow also where I live. When I grow up I hope to go to Georgia State university but you would be older than I am right now.



My grandma was born in Camphill, Alabama but she grew up in Ohio. If you want to get some great cherries go to Ohio don’t get black cherries because they’re wanna be cherries. Anyways every year we go there on Thanksgiving Day and it always snows there.


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