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January 12, 2007


Mrs. C

Hi Eddie,

Upon reading your post I was reminded that learning takes place in so many places. School is one of those places and certainly a very important place but I didn't think you would mind if I shared something I was learning in a place other than school. I am learning from a math teacher, Mr. Kuropatawa, who has a blog called "A Difference".(http://adifference.blogspot.com/) Yes, I am learning from his blog and his class blogs! I think you might enjoy looking at his class blogs and I wanted to share a podcast with you in class where he shared his student scribe activity. I would love to see you be a scribe for your class if you are interested. Take a look at his blog. Class blog links are listed on the side.

Great post! Keep up the good blogging.

Mrs. C


Hi Eddie,

I really liked your referring to math as a language. If someone had taught me in that was I am sure I would view math much differently.

I realized I learned to listen better when I took Spanish in school. It was almost a matter of survival since no English was spoken in class. I had to listen hard to pick up all I could as quickly as I could so I could understand and contribute. That's also when I discovered that I learn better when I see something too and not just listening or hearing. Do you find you learn more listening or seeing? Or does it matter with you?


Mrs. Mc


I remember when you were in my class, you were able to see so many patterns in the math language. I hope you are still being all you can be!

Missing you,
Mrs. Mc


Dear Ms.Mc,

How are you now ? How is the baby? Which new school are you at now? I'm fine although 5th grade is hard like you said it would be. I'm going to get back to you later. bye!!!


Eddie, I am learning in school everyday, and I am even learning more about my students and their math abilities. In your blog you stated that, “we use math everyday.” You are absolutely right. As students ride on the bus, math is going on. The amount of time it take you to get to school is a math problem, the distance from your home and school is a math problem, whether your ride to school includes driving on parallel lines, or simply trying estimate the amount of students on the bus. From the time you wake up in the morning until the time you go to bed, there are math problems. Have you read the book called, The Math Curse? If not, I would definitely check it out and see other ways math impact our lives.


Hey Eddie~ I totally agree with you, math is absolutely the most complex language there is. There are so many things you have to understand when it comes to math. I tell my students what they learn now will help them in the future. In math everything builds on each other.

Math is in everything that we say and do. All the new technology we love to use has math involved in every aspect of it. What's your favorite gadget to use? Right now I am learning how to use my Ipod.

Math can and has been used as a universal language, and even though we may use different symbols for our numbers... 2+2 is always going to be 4 in any language!!!


It is very much true that we use math every day. Like you say pincils computers and even paper. That's what we are learning in math.

What are you learning in you math classes?


I totally agree with you on the subject about the future. When I grow up I wan't to be a scientist and I have to use math in science. My favorite gadget is my blackjack cell phone because you canplay gtames and go on the internet with it.
what subject in school are you teaching?

Darren Kuropatwa

Hi Eddie!

Thanks again for dropping by my blog and leaving me such a warm comment. I've just been reading through some of the posts on your blog. If you hadn't told me I never would have known you were a grade 5 student. You're so articulate. (You express yourself so well.)

I was drawn to this post as the one to leave my comments because, as you know, I teach senior math at a high school in Winnipeg, Canada.

It's true what you and the other folks that have left you comments say about math -- it's everywhere. Even in our own bodies.

There are some very special numbers in math that you'll learn about in high school. They're so special that we give them special names because we can't write the whole number on any one piece of paper. Pi (pie) is one of them. Maybe you've heard about it when you learned about circles. 3.1415926.... and on and on it goes. There's another special number called "e" and another one called phi (like "fly" without the "l").

Phi is approximately 1.618 which seems weird I know, but it gets weirder. If you measure your height and then the distance from the ground to your belly button, then divide your height by the belly button distance it's going to be pretty close to 1.618.

Measure the length of your arm (shoulder to finger tips), then measure from your elbow to your finger tips. Divide the long length by the short one ... you'll get 1.618 (Phi) again.

This is even true about your fingers! Take the length of any finger and divide by the length to the second knuckle from your finger tip you'll get phi ... again! Do this again with the two smaller lengths of the same finger and you get phi again!

There's a building in Greece called the Parthenon. When they built it 2500 years ago, they made all the doors and windows so that the length divided by the width equals 1.618. Some folks call this number The Golden Ratio ... a very pretty name for a very special number. We don't know why this is, but when things are made so that their length divided by their width is phi they just look pretty to us.

So, why am I telling you this. Well, two reasons:

(1) It's another example of how math is everywhere ... even in places you wouldn't think to look.

(2) You can get better marks without your teacher even knowing why she's giving you more marks. The next time you do a project, it might be on paper or it might be on presentation board, cut it just so ... so that the length divided by the width is 1.618. It'll just "look prettier" to your teacher and he/she won't even realize it ... and you'll get a better mark. ;-)

Keep studying your math Eddie. There's a lot to learn and sometimes it's really hard, but if you get through some of the hard (and boring) stuff there's a whole lot of really cool stuff you'll be able to learn as well. Don't even get me started about the Fibonacci Sequence. ;-)

PS: There are special symbols that we use for Pi and Phi but your blog won't let me write them. I'll bet you can find them if you search on Google. ;-)


I dont even know the equivilance of Pi is but it is joyous to know that I will learn that. There is so much stuff to learn even though it might be boring it is very much cool. I dont even know what triganometry but i'm going to learn it some day.


Hello Eddie,
I am one of Mr. K's students and I must say that as you progress and learn more you'll see that math is not just everywhere, it is in various forms everywhere. Just today Mr.K told us of a project we are to start on where we have to take photos and describe the mathematical information pertaining to the units we have previously done. You should check it out you'd probably enjoy it.
You seem like a neat kid Eddie, keep exploring the realms of math for there is an infinite variety of paths to traverse.


Yes I did use kidsperation to make my web. Also I am very exited that you are going to show your 7th grade class. A man in Winnipeg, Canada named Mr.Kuropatwa teaches sinior math. They also made a podcast about me(a typical 5th grader). So I showed the principal the podcast and now she wants to show it to our super intendent. Could you create a link to your 7th grade blog?


Hi eddie,

My name is Natasha. I live in Darwin. I am not very good at maths but when i read the thing that you said it made me think and it is true we do use maths everyday, but we don't notice. Darwin is in Austrailia. I have had some natural birds but my cat killed the last one and ever since that i have never had another one.


Hi i come from Australia and i love reptiles so much that crocodiles are my brothers and snakes are my sister i have one sister and a little baby bro


Hi eddie, I live in the northen territory in austraila. I heard that you have been learning about austraila.
Well in the NT right now it 34 dreeges,Blieve me thats VERY HOT!!!!!!


wow you I can see you are really good at maths keep it up


hi, i'm bernie i'm from Astralia i think it's was a good idear to start this up and i'm sure kids will follow!


hi Eddie im sophie and im from Australia your writing is great and im sure kids like it as u can probly see good luck!


I'm hoping for them luck.


the kids in my class are now following already. What grade are you in? What is your blogging site?


I will keep it up. Also why do you guys call it maths? Down here in the U.S.A we call it math. No offense i'm not saying there is anything wrong with the way you talk.


I would like to come to Australia. What is it like up there in Australia Jonty?


I do have a snake as a pet I also have 6 tree lizrds and 3 dogs and cats. My first dog was named muffin and we found him at the church when my mom and dad were married. He walked into the church when my mom and dad were going to kiss. When we were playing he ran into the woods and a car ran over him. What is life like in Australia?


We found my first dog Muffin when my mom was getting married. He walked into the church when my mom and dad were about to kiss so we suggested that we keep him. When we were playing together he ran off in the woods and a truck honked its horn and that was it. Me and my went to check it out and we found him dead?
What is it like where you live in Australia?

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